Bubble Gang OG Bubba

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Bubble Gang

OG Bubba eJuice by Bubble Gang presents a robust and powerful flavor of sweet and chewy watermelon bubblegum, bursting with fresh flavor and sweet bubbles of clouds. Channel your inner gangster and puff on the refreshing flavor of watermelon bubblegum clouds!

Bottle Size: 100mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description  

OG means “original gangster” and that’s exactly what this e-liquid is! Long before the explosion of inferior watermelon flavors, OG Bubba ruled the vape world with an iron fist, ensuring that only the finest flavors reached vaper’s lips in a whirlwind of sweet and delicious clouds. Then the horde took over, with every e-liquid and their mother claiming that they had the sweetest and fattest watermelon around. Instead of joining in the rabble, OG Gangster retreated into the shadows, for the reputation of flavor preceded him, and he knew that word would quickly spread that the best original watermelon bubblegum flavor was his, and his alone. Delicious watermelon flavor dribbles out of each bubblegum square, delight vapers and infusing clouds with an authentic fruit flavor that is certain to become a fan favorite. Puff on sweet bullets of watermelon flavor that feed the chamber of your bubble-gun (see what we did there?) and spew clouds of refreshing watermelon flavor in every puff. OG Bubba was here before the outburst of inferior flavors, and OG Bubba will be here long after the rabble has died away. Try out the OG Bubba by Bubble Gang and see for yourself if the e-juice is worth the squeeze!


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