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Bubble Factory by Juice Roll-Upz Watermelon

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Bubble Factory (by Juice Roll-Upz)

Watermelon ejuice by Bubble Factory presents a fat and sticky square of freshly cut bubblegum, improved with the juice of freshly cut summer watermelon! Enjoy the sweet taste of chewy bubblegum and succulent watermelon in one flavorfully sticky vape juice flavor, ideal for the fruit and candy lover within each one of us!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Devour the fresh and awakening mix of summer strawberries enveloped with a chewy bubblegum square! Summer watermelons were collected by the cartload, each truck conveying an enormous and swollen ripe melon, a deep emerald green on the outside but a fresh and delicious red tissue within! The fat melons are hacked into equal parts, uncovering a fruit flooding with sweet and sticky fruit juice! Every melon half is expelled of the skin and gets sliced into thick lumps of fresh and sweet goodness. These lumps are squeezed into a sticky thick watermelon mess, stressed until the fluid runs pure, and then deliberately mixed into a sticky fluid bubblegum!

The watermelon juice hues the fluid bubblegum a light shade of pink with the powerful smell of fresh summer melons! As the fluid watermelon bubblegum solidifies, a thick square is cut from the sticky mass and stuffed into a container, prepared and holding on to charm your taste buds! Enjoy a fresh fruit and candy treat mix of watermelon-flavored bubblegum, created in a mid-year bubblegum factory that pours of clouds of vapor that entice your noses with each puff because of this tasty Watermelon ejuice from Bubble Factory! Grab yours now!