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Bubble Factory by Juice Roll-Upz Blue Raspberry

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Bubble Factory (by Juice Roll-Upz)

Blue Raspberry ejuice by Bubble Factory is known for its tart, sweet and tasty flavor imbued with bubblegum! Bubble Factory Blue Raspberry gives you that sweet blue raspberry breathe in with a little trace of harshness. It instantly helps you to remember Blue Icees and bubblegum at the same time.

Step inside a delectable reality where chewy bubblegum mists and sweet fruits collide! This delicious chewy fruit goodness was made in a top-mystery bubblegum factory, where thick squares of blue raspberry bubblegum are meticulously crushed into delightful ejuice and are tested thoroughly to guarantee an enormous haze of flavor with each puff! To start with, sweet and ripe blue raspberries were assembled from a mad scientist’s backyard, each stout berry shivering with sweet and sugary fruit flavor. Next, these delightful berries were squashed completely to gather each and every drop of blue raspberry juice.

Lastly, this delightful berry juice was gradually blended into a sticky blend of fluid bubblegum! This new kind of blue raspberry juice bubblegum gets cut into fat squares and stuck inside a thick 100ml bottle until the whole bottle is just about ready to blast! Take your taste buds on an unusual trek through a delightful bubblegum production line, where the mists created rival the greatest bubble each crack! Enjoy a heavenly kind of sweet and succulent blue raspberries blended with a freshly cut square of chewy bubblegum and let your mists meander indiscriminately in that puffy cloud production line in the sky, on account of Blue Raspberry ejuice by Bubble Factory!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets