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Bubble Factory 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Bubble Factory 300ml Ejuice Bundle

Get 100ml of each flavor (3x100ml) all for one low price.

Bubble Factory 3 Pack Bundle delivers a triple threat of 100ml containers, highlighting the fresh and sticky kind of fruits and candies in a solitary cloud! One container delivers a surge of sweet blue raspberry bubblegum; another presents the pure and succulent flavor of Italian harmony grape bubblegum, and the last exhibits a fat and sticky square of naturally cut bubblegum, improved with the juice of freshly cut summer watermelon!

First up, we have Blue Raspberry. Sweet and ripe blue raspberries were accumulated, each full berry shivering with sweet and sugary fruit flavor. Enjoy a delectable kind of sweet and delicious blue raspberries blended with a freshly cut square of chewy bubblegum and let your mists meander indiscriminately in that puffy cloud factory in the sky! Next, we have Grape. Go for a walk with us through these fine vineyards, where rich and ripe groups of grapes spark a profound purple in the warmth of the mid-year sun. Sweet and sharp grape flavor is vigorously common in the very air and fills your noses with the new scent of ripe fruit.

These sweet and colorful grapes are culled at the pinnacle of freshness and hauled away to a bubblegum manufacturing plant, prepared to flavor your bubblegum with fresh fruit! Lastly, we have Watermelon. Summer watermelons were harvested by the cartload, each truck delivering a huge and swollen ripe melon, a deep emerald green on the outside however a fresh and delicious red substance within! The fat melons are hacked into equal parts, uncovering a fruit flooding with sweet and sticky fruit juice! Every melon half is expelled of the skin and gets cut into thick pieces of fresh and sweet goodness. The watermelon juice hues the fluid bubblegum a light shade of pink with the strong fragrance of new summer melons! Wait no more and try this 3 pack by Bubble Factory now!

Bottle Size: 300ml (3x100ml) | Ratio:​​ 70/30 | ​​Flavor Type: Sweets