BLVK Unicorn Salt Nicotine Lychee

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BLVK Unicorn Salt

Nicotine Lychee eJuice by BLVK Unicorn Salt delivers the smooth and rolling sweetness of a lychee fruit! This delectable fruit e-liquid is known by precious few and is beautifully captured in this delicious e-liquid by BLVK Unicorn! Take your vape taste buds to an exotic journey to a vape jungle where plump lychees leap at the chance to infiltrate your clouds!

Bottle Size: 30ml | Nicotine: 35 MG/50 MG | Flavor Type: Fruit, Nicotine Salts 

Full Flavor Description

Lychees are quickly gaining popularity as an e-liquid flavor, and this delicious concoction shows why! Sweet like a rosy grape, and smooth like a rolling watermelon/pear, lychees have a robust flavor that brings a new flavor to your vape taste buds with every hit. Imported from China, each tender fruit was gleaned from the precious lychee trees and is carefully inspected for imperfections that might otherwise spoil a delicious e-liquid. These sweet fruits offer a rolling sweetness that leaps upon your tongue with sweet and fruity flavor, sure to become your next favorite ejuice!

Be bold in your vaping e-liquid choices, and snag a bottle of unique flavor brimming with ripe lychee goodness. Nicotine Lychee promises to be as rare as the black unicorn himself, and will undoubtedly become your vape taste buds new favorite. BLVK Unicorn Salt prides themselves on delivering fresh and juicy flavors bursting with clean ripe flavor in every puff. For a flavor so fresh and delicious you must try it for yourself, pick up a bottle of Nicotine Lychee today and enjoy ripe lychee-scented clouds for days, compliments of the wonderful vape chemists at BLVK Unicorn Salt!