BLVK Unicorn 4 Pack Bundle

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BLVK Unicorn BLVK​

UniApple, UniChew, UniDew, and UniLoop by BLVK Unicorn BLVK have been some of the most sought-after fruit, candy, and breakfast flavored ejuices in the entire vaping industry.  Enjoy the fresh and juicy fruits like crisp apple and refreshing honeydew melons! Unwrap an inexplicably juicy square of taffy that bursts with sweet and chewy candy flavor in every cloud! And finally, treat your vape taste buds to the smooth and creamy flavor of fruit loop cereal drenched in a cold stream of milk! This four-pack bundle is the perfect way to experience the full lineup from BLVK Unicorn without breaking the bank!

Bottle Size: 240mL (4x60mL) | Ratio: 80/20 | Flavor Type: Dessert, Sweets, Fruit 

Full Flavor Description​ ​

First up, we have UniApple. Everyone knows that the first bite of an apple is always the best one. Sweet and sticky juice running down your chin, the taste of a crisp October morning deliciously assaulting your taste buds, and the nostalgic feeling of wandering through an orchard in search of that perfect fruit.  

Next, we have UniChew. Unwrap a delicious fruit chewy candy, bursting with juicy strawberry and chewy flavor in every cloud. Barrels of sun-kissed strawberries and bushels of tart red cherries were hauled in from the deep dark woods to begin the candy-making process. The sweet fruit juice is pressed ruthlessly from the fruits to create a rich and juicy flavoring for the candy square that has long been a favorite amongst candy lovers everywhere.

Thirdly, we have UniDew. Feast on freshly sliced honeydew melons, bursting with soft green melon-flesh and mildly tart flavor. This e-juice offers a refreshing cloud of flavor that offers the best of summer’s melons, fat and thick and sweet. Each melon was harvested in the heat of summer, ensuring that the honeydew was packed with sun-kissed sweetness and juicy goodness. Each melon gets carved into chunks or scooped into adorable melon balls, and pressed into the 60 mL bottle you have before you, ready to delight your vape taste buds with a blast of fruity clouds!

And last but certainly not least, we have UniLoop. Stuff your face with a breakfast of champions feast, ready to tackle your childhood tradition of Saturday morning cartoons before enjoying your weekend. Bring back nostalgia as you puff on sweet scents of crunchy fruit looped cereal, and you might even see a toucan swooping through your clouds! Delicate notes of fruit looped cereal are prevalent in every puff, making this a true go-to e-liquid for all your breakfast cravings, or nostalgic trips down memory lane. Each puff is stuffed with sweet and crunchy cereal, complimented by a rush of cold creamy milk!