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BLTS Watermelon eJuice

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BLTS eLiquid

Watermelon Ejuice by BLTS eLiquid features sugared belt strips of sweet watermelon candy are coated with a thick coating of sour glaze sugar, just for your vaping enjoyment! Puff on fresh chunks of watermelon strung into a chewy rope of candied goodness!

Bottle Size: 120ml | Ratio: 65/35 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

Close your eyes and let yourself drift through the clouds of memories, and remember those special days when you had saved up just enough allowance money to run down to the corner store and buy a single pack of candy. Instead of being tempted by the chocolates and bubblegum scattered throughout the candy rows, your razor sharp focus honed in on a pack of sweet and sour candy belts. Open your eyes and dream no longer! This flavor has presented itself in eliquid form just to satisfy those sweet and sour candy cravings. Fat and juicy wild watermelons were carved into thick slices and scooped into thick chunks, where they could easily be squeezed to wring every drop of delicious watermelon juice from the thick green rind.

This delicious summer melon juice got poured into a vat of sweet candy, where barrels of sour syrup and sour sugar were added for an extra powerful punch of mouth-squinching happiness. As the candy hardened, the sticky watermelon candy was pulled and stretched into sweet and sour candy belts long enough to jump rope with. Each belt was lovingly dusted with a final layer of sour sugar and stuffed into a 120 ml to present the flavor that you hold in your hand. Enjoy a mouthful of sweet and sticky candy in every cloud, thanks to Watermelon Ejuice by BLTS!