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Big Bottle Co. Lemonade Stand 2 Pack Bundle

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The Big Bottle Co. Lemonade Stand 2 Pack from the Big Bottle Co.

Get 2x 120ml EJuice bottles, one of each flavor, for a combined total of 240ml of eliquid bundled together for BIG savings!

Big Co. Bottle. Lemonade Stand 2 Pack features a sweet and refreshing lemonade duo full of flavors! One bottle is filled with electric lemonade blue raspberries, crisp and refreshing. The second bottle features a beautiful and delicious pink lemonade with tangy lemons and sweet berries. Enjoy the delicious summer lemonade refreshing flavor in every fruity puff!

We've got Electric Lemonade first. Freshly sliced lemons are pulled out into a tall pitcher of cold stream-drawn water, providing your parched taste buds with a refreshing beverage flavor. But a handful of sweet blue raspberries are flung into the mix just to make things interesting. Sweet Meyer lemons and juicy blue raspberries mixed in a tall crisp clear water pitcher are well prepared to slaughter your thirst for something cold and refreshing. A lemonade flavor overload exploding with blue raspberry juiciness.

And finally, we've got Pink Lemonade. In rolling waves of flavor, the refreshing sweet flavor of tart citrus and juicy berries mixed with crisp and cold water refreshes your vape taste buds. Each slice of citrus provides a gentle, wholesome and delicious tinge of sobriety. A juicy homemade lemonade mix combined with fresh berries for a combination of light tart and tangy, sweet and juicy flavors. Crisp and clean pink lemonade promises to cool your parched vape palette and refresh your nostrils with cold lemonade's sweet and gentle flavor!