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Big Bottle Co. 5 Pack Bundle

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The Big Bottle Co. Custard & Cream 5 Pack from the Big Bottle Co. 

Get 5x 120ml bottles, one of each flavor, for a combined total of 600ml of eliquid bundled together for BIG savings! 

Big Bottle Co. 5 Pack Bundle features five decadent desserts in a bundle of five packs that will satisfy your taste buds and complete your wallet! Feast on a rich and creamy vanilla custard, a thick buttery freshly baked cinnamon spice cake, a sweet raspberry jam stuffed into another sugar-covered donut, a thick and moist blueberry cake slice, and a tall glass of creamy strawberry milk!

Big Bottle Co. is a great BIG believer and we decided that it could be GREAT! We made this BIG 5 Pack! You get all of their premium Big Bottle co. Line ejuices! We've got Good Ol' Custard first. Custard is very similar to pudding and has a bold, creamy flavor that will absolutely adore your taste buds! Heaping cups of fresh cream from the farm, whole milk, and exotic vanilla from Tahiti are whisked until frothy. A classic vape juice twist of your favorite vanilla custard. Big Bottle Co. seems to have their creamy recipes down to a science as they hit another one out of the park with this rich and delicious vanilla custard eliquid.

Second, we have Cinnamon Cream. Pure cane sugar, soft butter, rich Tahitian vanilla, and spicy cinnamon to form the basis of a rich, creamy cake batter! A creamy blend of rich sweet cream perfectly garnished with gleaming cinnamon sprinkles creating a delicious all-day dessert vapor that you wouldn't want to put down.

Third, we have fresh cream Jelly Donut. Farm, soft butter, pure cane sugar, and fresh eggs are whipped in a delicious doughy mix. This spongy dough is cut into soft spheres and rolled into them. A perfectly made golden brown donut is packed with a thick gooey raspberry jelly filling and covered with sweet rainbow sprinkles.

We've got Blueberry Cake fourth. In a rich and decadent cake batter, sweet and sticky and delicious, soft butter, pure cane sugar and rich Tahitian vanilla come together! Your favorite blueberry cake's delicious eliquid rendition. A thick, moist slice of a perfectly baked cake covered in a creamy glaze filled with fresh blueberries.

And we've finally got Strawberry Milk. In the heat of the summer sun, thousands of sun kissed berries are gathered, freshly waiting to be plucked in the wild fields. Rich, creamy milk and fresh strawberries make one of the most popular flavors of vape juice. Get your premium dessert ejuices with either Blueberry Cake, Cinnamon Cream, Good Ole Custard or Jelly Donut. We also encourage you to use some Strawberry Milk to wash it all down. Get 5 of these flavors of vape juice in today's pack steal!