Barista Brew Co. Strawberry Watermelon Refresher Ejuice

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Barista Brew Co. 

Strawberry Watermelon Refresher eJuice by Barista Brew Co. is one seriously refreshing vape juice. Featuring ripe strawberry juice combined with a mouthwatering watermelon juice extraction, this eliquid will satisfy any light, sweet cravings while at the same time providing a fruity and refreshing all day vape.

Bottle Size: 60mL | Ratio 80/20 | | Flavor Type: Fruit

Enjoy a refreshing beverage whipped up in the vape shop coffeehouse, featuring fresh ripe fruits and sweet-scented clouds that lazily drift away in the hazy summer breeze! Two fruits make up this delicious e-liquid and promise to satisfy your fruit cravings in a single cloud! First up, we have fine summer strawberries. These luscious berries were picked in the heat of the summer sun to ensure the warmth and flavor of summer was prevalent in every puff. These sweet berries are crushed into a delicious pulpy mess, ready to delight your vape taste with summer's favorite berry! But one other fruit plays a role in this refreshing guessed it! Watermelon!

Fat and juicy watermelons are plucked from a nearby melon patch, swollen in the heat of the summer sun. These engorged melons are split right down the middle to reveal the rich red flavor overflowing with juicy watermelon sweetness. This flavorful watermelon juice is mingled with the strawberry compote to create a lush and flavorful beverage that instantly refreshes your vape taste buds and satisfies your cravings for luscious fruit flavor! Enjoy the sweet and juicy flavor of freshly cut watermelon and ripe sunkissed strawberries that seek to refresh your vape taste buds with every puff, compliments of Strawberry Watermelon Refresher by Barista Brew Co.!