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Barista Brew Co. Frozen Strawberry Watermelon EJuice

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Frozen Strawberry Watermelon eJuice by Barista Brew Co. offers icy watermelon and frozen strawberries in a wildly refreshing fruit flavor. This thirst-quenching e-liquid comes in 60mL bottles, perfect for all day enjoyment. Get yours with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strength at Ultimate Vape Deals today!

Brand: Barista Brew Co. | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 80/20 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Beat back the heat of the summer with this cold and refreshing fruit e-liquid called Frozen Strawberry Watermelon eJuice by Barista Brew Co.! This crisp and cold flavor begins with frozen strawberries on the inhale, followed by chilled watermelon on the exhale. We headed to a nearby berry farm where ripe strawberries lay covered under a freshly-fallen blanket of snow. The ripe berries gleamed like rubies against the pure white snow. We gathered as many of these frozen delights as our bags could carry and headed back to our vape kitchen. On the way, we spied several enormous watermelons in snow-capped melon patch.

The huge melons looked like fallen snowmen laying on their side and we knew we had to have these ripe melons for ourselves. We ended up dragging several of the swollen watermelons back with us, using our coats as makeshift sleds. We finally reached our vape kitchen and unloaded all the frozen fruits in front of a roaring fire. Yet no matter how long the frozen fruits were left to thaw, they still clung to the bitter chill of winter. Much to our delight, the frozen fruits delivered a cooling taste of refreshment to our parched taste buds. We're pleased to present that same delicious flavor today, now in e-liquid form called Frozen Strawberry Watermelon eJuice by Barista Brew Co.!