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Badger Hill Reserve Salt by Verdict Vapors Milk & Honey Ejuice


Milk & Honey eJuice by Badger Hill Reserve Salt by Verdict Vapors is a smooth tobacco blend swirled with sticky sweet honey and fresh frothy cream. Treat your taste buds to the finer things of life with this unique tobacco vape juice. We promise you've never had a vape juice that's as sweet and creamy as this one! 

Brand: Verdict Vapors | Bottle Size: 30ml | Nicotine: 24mg/30mg/50mg | Flavor Type: Tobacco

Milk & Honey Salt eJuice Description 

The good people at Verdict Vapors decided to lovingly craft a tobacco blend with an array of different flavors for your tobacco-craving palate. We started off with a smooth and aromatic blend of freshly picked tobacco. Each tobacco leaf was harvested from the finest fields in the Virginia-Carolina tobacco belt. The tobacco. leaves were lovingly crushed into a fine powder, sending out aromatic scents to tantalize your taste buds. But the vape chemists craved a milky sweetness that would set apart this vape juice from all others. So they took buckets of frothy sweet cream and poured it into the finely crushed tobacco.

The creaminess of the milk washed over the tobacco, infusing its frothy goodness into the bold powder. But there was still something missing, something sweet. That's when it was decided that a touch of honey was what was now required! Gobs of sticky sweet honey were swirled in, that delicious golden blossom flavored fusing beautifully with the tobacco and cream. The resulting e-liquid was a true tobacco masterpiece. Now you can enjoy a sweet and creamy tobacco flavor that's certain to put a smile on your lips with every cloud, called Milk & Honey eJuice by Badger Hill Reserve Salt!