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Bad Drip Labs 5 Pack Eliquid Bundle

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Bad Drip Labs

Bad Blood, Cereal Trip, Don't Care Bear, Farley's Gnarly Sauce, and Ugly Butter Ejuice by Bad Drip Labs seeks to delight your vape taste buds with delicious sweet treats and surrounds you with the rousing scents of sweet and deadly fruits, trippy breakfast snacks, indifferent gummy candy, bubble-blowing fruits, and deliciously hideous dough by Bad Drip Labs!

Bottle Size: 300ml (5x60ml) | Ratio: 75/25 | Flavor Type: Dessert, Fruit, Sweets

Full Flavor Description​​ ​

First up, we have Bad Blood. Stumble in on a crime scene, filled to the brim with grim flavor and spattered walls! First up, we have the blood of a pomegranate dripping from the wallpaper, smeared in a horrific yet delicious looking pattern. Suspicious footprints lead away from the crime of passion, looking eerily like the blob of a blueberry menace. And finally, white powder smelling strongly of sweet vanilla bean laces the glass table, offering up a delicious scent of the Madagascar homeland.

Next, we have Cereal Trip. Enjoy a mouthwatering blend of soft donuts, freshly baked and piping hot, ready to be pulled apart in moist and sweet pieces. These donut shards get layered with sugary sweet frosting, warm and delicious. Each donut gets shredded and layered decadently over a bowl of cereal, freshly poured and quickly doused in creamy milk. Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast?

Thirdly, we have Don't Care Bear. Rude and indifferent gummy bears whack their way through the sweet and ripe orchards, ripping the tender fruits right from their branches with rough and aggressive gummy paws. These rude bears stuff their faces with sweet and ripe fruits, to the point of explosion in a raw and gooey mess. Chunks of sweet Georgia peaches and delicate grainy d’Anjou pear pieces fly as headless gummy bears stumble around trying to recover their lost noggin.

Fourthly, we have Farley's Gnarly Sauce.First of all, we don’t know who Farley is, but we’re positive that this flavor offers gnarly clouds, dude (or dudette)! Warm and sweet wild strawberries are gathered in the beating heat of the sun, so that sweat of the workers drips down into the strawberry baskets. A little further ahead, kiwi fruits gleam green with envy inside their furry brown husks. Blend the two together and you’ve got a moist and flavorful blend of sweet fruits and candy, waiting to burst into a delicious bubble of gum!

And last but certainly not least, we have Ugly Butter. Indulge in the sweet and ugly truth that everything fried is so damned delicious! Feast on sweet mounds of buttery dough, fried to a golden brown in the bowels of a horrendous dragon. As the dragon burps his fiery rage, the dough shoots out of his nostrils in blobs of disgustingly sweet dessert! Handfuls of sticky cinnamon sugar adorn this sweet fried creation, enhancing it’s delicate and soft gooey texture. As a final abysmal touch, freshly whipped banana pudding with a creamy consistency get plopped atop this truly ghastly dessert, creating a weirdly delicious blend of sweet and creamy flavors!