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Aqua Menthol Mist Eliquid

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Aqua Menthol

Mist Ejuice by Aqua Menthol lets you enjoy an eliquid that has been laced with all your favorite tropical fruits, swirled with an icy blast of frozen winter goodness! Tart and chilly pineapple, icy Colombian guava, and frozen Florida mango dance a tango of flavor upon your taste buds in each sweet and frosty cloud!

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol

Full Flavor Description

Feast on a delectable trio of the finest frozen fruits, featuring sweet and icy peaches, crisp and chilly green apples, and tangy frozen kiwis. Feast on an arctic blend of chilled crisp apples, ready to mist over your vape taste buds in a wave of delicious clouds. Next in this exotic blend are sweet and icy Florida peaches, cold and freshly plucked from their branches. In a nearby orchard, tart and frozen granny smith apples sway from their branches, offering an icy bite of refreshment in every chilled crunch. Lastly, frostbitten green kiwis offer a blast of arctic enjoyment, giving a tangy slice of cool refreshment in every cloud.

Aqua has gone to great lengths to stuff full bodied menthol flavor in each cloud, ensuring icy clouds swirled with sweet and frozen fruit slices! Aqua has masterfully crafted an eliquid that promises to freeze your vape taste buds and soothe your savage cravings for something icy to vape! Instead of browsing through an endless line of boring and unsatisfying menthol flavors, grab a bottle of Mist Ice by Aqua and unleash your cloud fury in a rolling wave of chilled fruity goodness!