Aqua Ice Oasis Eliquid

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Oasis eJuice by Aqua Ice promises to refresh your vape taste buds with a freezing blend of icy papaya, chilly cantaloupe, and frozen peaches that will briskly transport your clouds to that refreshing arctic oasis in the sky!


Brand: Aqua Ice | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol


Full Flavor Description

Enjoy a cold and refreshing blend of fruits, deliciously crafted to transport your clouds to a frozen oasis of flavor amidst a snowy desert of bland e-liquids. Frozen papaya chunks offer a refreshing coolness, with a powerful kick of sweet flavor. Snow-capped peaches deliver a punch of ripe and icy flavor, bursting with all the hospitality the South Pole can offer. And finally, chilled and smooth cantaloupe slices offer a rolling frosty flavor that just begs to delight your vape taste buds in a cloud of iced fruit happiness. Three delicious frozen fruits come together in a cornucopia of flavor that offers a blast of snowy oasis goodness that will certainly quench your thirst for full-bodied flavor and icy clouds!

Aqua has gone to great lengths to stuff full-bodied flavor in each icy puff, ensuring chilled fruit clouds swirled with sweet and icy fruit slices! Aqua has masterfully crafted an e-liquid that promises to freeze your vape taste buds and soothe your savage cravings for something frosty to vape! Instead of browsing through an endless line of boring and unsatisfying menthol flavors, grab a bottle of Oasis Ice by Aqua and unleash your cloud fury in a rolling wave of sweet and chilly goodness!