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Air Factory Synthetic Arctic Berry Pom Eliquid

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 Arctic Berry Pom eJuice by Air Factory Synthetic is a delightful blend of tart pomegranate and sweet berry flavors, perfect for a tasty yet mellow all-day vape. Your sub-ohm tank and your taste buds will thank you for grabbing this high-quality and highly delicious e-juice from Ultimate Vape Deals, so get your 100mL bottle with 3mg or 6mg synthetic nicotine today!

Brand: Air Factory Synthetic | Bottle Size: 100mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol

Arctic Berry Pom Synthetic Eliquid

If you enjoy unique fruit flavors in your sub-ohm tank, you’ll love every puff of Arctic Berry Pom eJuice by Air Factory Synthetic! This mellow e-juice offers a refreshing blend of pomegranate and berry flavors, slightly sweet and pleasantly tart. Each and every puff offers the invigoration of fresh, tart pomegranate juice alongside the sweet refreshment of juicy mixed berries. You’ll never guess where the Air Factory Synthetic vape team found these fruits: the underworld!

Deep under the Earth’s surface, the vape lab team searched the dark depths of this mythical locale for the infamous pomegranate trees, rumored to bear the most delicious fruit in all the land. After dodging the guard dog and navigating the river, they stumbled upon the forest of pomegranate trees, lined with lush berry brambles as far as the eye could see. They gathered their harvest of the tasty fruits and narrowly escaped to tell the tale! Each fruit was carefully prepared and stuffed into the 100mL bottle you see before you with some high-quality synthetic nicotine for a smooth throat hit and exceptional flavor. Taste the darkest fruits with a tank full of Arctic Berry Pom eJuice by Air Factory Synthetic, available now at Ultimate Vape Deals with 3mg or 6mg synthetic nicotine strength.