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Air Factory Synthetic Aloha Strawberry Eliquid

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 Aloha Strawberry eJuice by Air Factory Synthetic is a captivating blend of ripe strawberry, rich coconut, and golden pineapple flavors. Puff your way to paradise and get your 100mL bottle with 3mg or 6mg synthetic nicotine strength at Ultimate Vape Deals!

Brand: Air Factory Synthetic | Bottle Size: 100mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Aloha Strawberry Synthetic Eliquid

If your days are filled with rain clouds, puff your way to a tropical vacation with Aloha Strawberry eJuice by Air Factory Synthetic. This rousing blend of three delicious fruit flavors is sure to hit the spot and quench your cravings for something sweet. The inhale brings a rush of warm strawberry sweetness and rich coconut cream, and the exhale twists things up with tart and tangy pineapple flavor. Each draw feels like a warm summer breeze, filled with the aromas of fresh ripe fruits. The creation for this vape juice started with a vape lab team trip to a tropical island, where we hunted for exotic fruits for their future e-juice. 

After searching far and wide, through dense jungles and reaching deserts, we stumbled upon a field of strawberry brambles, connected to a wild grove of pineapple trees. We gathered as many fruits as we could carry and headed back to the mobile vape lab. On the way, we found a large outcropping of coconut trees swaying gently in the warm breeze. We shook a few down from the trees and lugged our harvest to the vape kitchen, where we prepared each fruit with care and stuffed them into the 100mL bottle you see before you. Grab yourself a bottle of paradise with Aloha Strawberry eJuice by Air Factory Synthetic, available now at Ultimate Vape Deals!