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360 Twist Triple Red Ejuice

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360 Twist

Triple Melon eJuice by 360 Twist features a delicious trio of fresh summer watermelon, lush honeydew melon, and juicy cantaloupe! Feast on the sweet melons of summer and keep your taste buds satisfied with ripe melon flavor in every cloud! If you're looking for a delicious way to stock up on melon-scented clouds, you've hit the jackpot with this all-day vape juice!

Bottle Size: 180ml (3x60ml) | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruits

Full Flavor Description

Take a walk through the melon patches of summer, where fat and juicy fruits are patiently awaiting to delight your taste buds! First up we feast on fresh watermelons, swollen with the sweet flavor of summer! A deep emerald green rind is split in half to reveal the delicious red watermelon inside! Thick and juicy wedges are cut from the rind, inviting you to stuff your face into the freshly cut fruit. Next, we have silky cantaloupe. The rough pale rind is no match for the tasty orange flesh on the inside.

The sweet and refreshing melon is cut into fat slices and dusted with a sprinkling of pure cane sugar, bringing out that delicious flavor in every bite! And finally, we have honeydew melons. This smooth and silky fruit is the same color on the outside as the inside, a pale green. The honeydew melon gets scooped into glistening spheres, the fresh melon juice dripping down your fingertips. Each of these three melons come together to create a sweet and delicious melon e-liquid that your taste buds will love. Satisfy your craving for something fresh and fruity with the refreshing taste of warm watermelon slices, thick cantaloupe wedges, and juicy honeydew melon spheres in every cloud!