WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Stay Salty Nicsalt

Stay Salty is a vape juice manufacturer that is famous for crafting delicious fruity nicotine salts e-liquids. This Stay Salty Nicsalt line brings you nicotine salt versions of the e-juices in the original Stay Salty line. All these vape liquids are made with top-shelf ingredients under strict hygienic conditions. The flavors in the Stay Salty e-juice brand include Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Straw Melon Twist, Apple Kiwi, and many others.

Tropical Blue Raspberry: This e-juice has the flavor of sweet blue raspberries blended with ripe strawberries and peaches.

Straw Melon Twist: This e-liquid is a blend of ripe watermelon and juicy strawberries.

Straw Melon Lemonade Twist: This blend offers the flavor of ripe strawberries, and watermelons. The berries and watermelon flavors are excellently blended.

Blue Raspberry Lemonade: This e-juice has the flavor of ripe blue raspberries, and notes of sour lemon.

Blue Raspberry: This vape juice has the flavor of sweet blue raspberry that will appeal to vapers who love this fruit. The taste is just as impressive as you imagine.


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