WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Milk Drop eJuice

Milk Drop is an e-liquid line offering high-quality fruit, milk and creamy flavors. This vape juice series is manufactured by Virtue Vapes. This e-liquid manufacturer headquartered in Miami, Florida is famous in vaping communities for its attention to detail and the premium quality of all its e-liquids. Besides Milk Drop, Virtue Vapes also produced e-juice brands like MASH line, Big Cheap Bottle, Foodfighter, Fruit Freeze, and Breakfast Classics. The flavors in the Milk Drop series are Vanilla Papaya Almond, Mocha Marshmallow Almond, and Strawberry Almond. You will undoubtedly enjoy the flavors in the Milk Drop collection if you appreciate sweet blends. All the flavors in the Milk Drop collection can be vaped all day and not once get you bored.

Vanilla Papaya Almond: This vape juice offers the flavor of creamy vanilla almond milk and ripe papaya.

Mocha Marshmallow Almond: This e-liquid has the flavor of sweet marshmallows, crunchy almonds, and smooth chocolate.

Strawberry Almond: This e-juice offers the flavor of ripe strawberries, and almonds.


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