WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Hype Collection

The Hype Collection is a new flavor line is created by one of the certified masters of the vape galaxy, Propaganda E-Liquid. This collection is filled with premium refreshing dessert flavors just in time for those hot summer nights.

Propaganda E Liquid was founded in March 2014 which means they have been a pillar in the vape juice community for quite awhile now. Based in sunny Southern California, Propaganda E Liquid was born and the vape juice game forever changed. Blue Slushee is a tasty treat that will satisfy all of your slushee cravings. You can hit this e liquid all day without it being too sweet or losing any of its flavors and is one of the best blue raspberry slushee flavors on the market today.

Rocket Pop is, also, one of the best-selling e juices on this line due to the accuracy of this flavor profile. Rocket Pop’s juicy popsicle flavor give the feeling being in a trance. It is the jackpot with the ice cream man feeling you get as a child when hitting this delicious vape juice. Almost no one can get it wrong with strawberry. But those who get it so right that it’s out of this world are the ones to watch out for. Get a taste of the Strawberry Shortcake From the Hype Collection.


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