Holy Cannoli 5 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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The Holy Cannoli Ejuice 5 Pack Bundle features 5 of the original Holy Cannnoli Premium Pastry flavors including favorites like French Toast and Pebbled Cannoli.

Get FIVE 100ml Bottles (total of 500ml's) for ONE crazy low price!

  • Pebbled Cannoli is a creamy, and delicious fruity pebble treat wrapped in a cannoli of everlasting flavor. This treat has definitely earned it's title of being Holy. Grab a bottle today!
  • French Toast - A nice warm soft French toast, drizzled with maple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon. You'll be amazed at the fullness of the entire flavor. Enjoy!
  • Strawberry Cream Cannoli - A wonderfully sweet strawberry cream cannoli, topped with confectioner's sugar. This is a dream come true!
  • Glazed Donut - This flavor is full of creams, full of custards and is the perfect glazed donut. Morning, Noon, or Night, you will never want to put this 120 ml bottle of goodness down.
  • Blueberry Strudel - Prominent Blueberry balanced with creamy butter and a sweet pastry will blow you away. Ripe blueberries picked from nature are painstakingly turned into a delicious, sweet, flavorful pastry for your enjoyment.