Good for the Soul: Top 7 Little Known Benefits of Vaping

Good for the Soul: Top 7 Little Known Benefits of Vaping

In today’s modern age, vaping has become the preferred method of smoking. Beyond cigarettes and even tobacco, e-cigarettes are not the alternative anymore. The rise of a health-conscious subculture made it the better option.

The biggest benefit of vaping is its ability to break smoking habits. Everyone knows that and this is the reason why most people vape.

Do you know that there are more obscure benefits of vaping? In this guide, we’ll give you 7 of the less known health benefits of vaping vs smoking. This is not your ordinary “alternative to smoking” list either.

From the benefits of vaping weed to improving how you look, this is a must-read list. Anyone trying to get into vaping needs this.

Are you ready? This list is for you.

1. It’s Better For Your Cardio Than Smoking

When it comes to the health benefits of vaping vs smoking, vape smoke is much healthier for your cardiovascular system.

Compared to tobacco, papers from Nature Reviews Cardiology note vape is less toxic. Even with nicotine and other additives, e-cigarettes are better than smokes. Its risk to give cardiovascular diseases is far lower by a significant margin.

The researchers compared data connecting smoking to risk of heart problems. Most of these come from the burning of tobacco itself. In the papers, they note that nicotine itself provides fewer risks to the user.

This makes sense. Burning a cigarette creates carbon monoxide, tar, and ash. These are all known carcinogenic compounds.

Among the health benefits of vaping, it vaporizes propylene glycol and additives. This includes the likes of nicotine.

This does not increase cardiovascular event risk at all when compared to cigarettes. Vaporizing also prevents nicotine from having any effect on inflammation or thrombogenesis.

2. Vaping CBD Reduces Anxiety

One additive to vaping is cannabidiol or CBD. With CBD being a known natural relaxant, the benefits of vaping CBD is obvious to its users. Among its many benefits, CBD going straight to your system can help reduce your anxiety.

CBD has robust documentation in the scientific community. One of the consumption media for CBD is as a vapor form. This vapor form goes straight into your lungs, which means it has a direct effect on your body.

One of the benefits of vaping weed is its ability to relax your mind and reduce anxiety. Different studies note that CBD, without psychoactive effects, helps people relax. It reduces anxious feelings and even put things into better perspective.

Both experimental animal and human studies suggest the same. There is an anxiolytic-like effect in CBD. In vapor form, this works better when the material is in your bloodstream.

3. Vaping Adds Back Millions of Life Years to the Public

If there’s something about the health benefits of vaping, it’s the public benefits that it gives. In an analysis by a professor emeritus of public health in the University of Michigan, simulations show that the health benefits of vaping vs smoking add 3.3 million life years to humanity by 2070.

In their paper, a base simulation took into account the role of e-cigarettes. This relates to its ability to stop and prevent cigarette smoking.

Their study generated a sum total of 3.3 million human life-years added to the general populace. The same paper notes that today, vaping is creating a sharp decrease in teenage smokers as well.

With 500,000 people dying from cigarette smoke a year, the increase in population lifespan with vaping is dramatic. This gives e-cigarettes more significant sheer public health value.

4. CBD Vapors Help with Pain

If you are in chronic pain, there are a few benefits of vaping CBD when it comes to pain management. With the body’s endocannabinoid system, there are many types of benefits you get. One of the best things you get from cannabidiol is its anti-inflammatory properties.

In many studies, the benefits of vaping weed include:

  • interacting with neurotransmitters
  • interacting with receptors in your CNS

With its impact on the same systems, it can reduce surgical pain response and even sciatic nerve pain.

The good thing about vaping CBD is its direct ingestion in your bloodstream. Because your lungs send substances straight to your circulatory system, you can get its effects as fast as possible.

5. Vaping Can Break Drug Dependence

One of the best health benefits of vaping vs smoking is its ability to break drug dependence. Many people who are weaning away from narcotic substances like heroin and morphine can use vaping as a way to stop their seeking behavior. Where possible, you can even add in CBD to get the benefits of vaping weed.

Vaping, more so without nicotine, can replace the addictive habits. These habits are the ones that form during drug dependence. This not only shifts the attention of the drug dependent on more harmful substances.

The health benefits of vaping lead to a reduction of possible withdrawal symptoms. This happens by replacing opioids with less dangerous substances.

If you want to double up on the effects, use CBD vapor. There’s effective proof that the health benefits of CBD help with substance abuse treatment.

6. Vaping Has Better Social Acceptance, Reducing Mental Triggers

Health is not all about the body. Sometimes, it’s all about getting a better social standing in society. When it comes to the health benefits of vaping vs smoking, vaping has a better social standing than smoking.

How is this healthy?

Smoking in public brings a level of social condemnation and rejection. To some people who have social anxiety and other psychological disorders, this can lead to bad psychological triggers of rejection.

Vaping, on the contrary, has more acceptance with the public. People understand that it is safer to use and won’t have any extreme adverse effects on their health. It doesn’t smell bad as well due to the fragrance of flavorings.

7. CBD Vapors Can Reduce Acne

For people who are having breakouts and acne, one of the simpler benefits of vaping weed is its acne reduction potential. CBD can help prevent your sebaceous glands from producing excess sebum. CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects can also reduce the swelling of your acne.

With its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, the benefits of vaping CBD extend to keeping your skin smoother.

What Are the Benefits Of Vaping?

When it comes to vape, people are curious if it has any health benefits at all. The answer is a resounding yes! The benefits of vaping are extensive, from its positive effects on your personal life to increasing the life span of the population.

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